organic digital music media production in a holistic way


COCONAT - a workation retreat im Gutshof Glien

Klein-Glien 25, 14806 Bad Belzig

Bad Belzig, BB, DE, 14806

01. – 03. Sep. 2020 / 17 – 19 Uhr      
guiding you in discovering your individual path towards full vibratory organic expression of the soul

This workshop gives you practical and theoretical experience in recording natural sounds to make samplers and loops.

You will gain practical and theory experience working with this recordings in different programs like audacity, ableton live.

We will be finishing this creations ready to release in different platforms and social media.

open air mostly. fields, forests, gardens, ponds, plants, objects, animals of the region.

how it works and how to do it in a proper way with the tools that you have and your own intuition and creative energy. guiding you in discovering your individual path towards full vibratory organic expression of the soul, and to aid you in the channeling of the rhythm of your heart, and nature translated into music and sounds created.

Intiche – DJ Set
is a multinstrumentist musician, producer, dj, Holistic sound designer and music and nature lover.
he have a long career worked with many other musicians, producers, djs, artists, healers, ongs, community projects around the world all related with nature and preserve native culture.
from playing live sets for festivals, retreats, Ecstatics dances, sound journeys,  healing center, clubs,…till making radio jingles, internet sound design , remix, edits and in the last years facilitating workshops about to be creative and flow together with nature.
Check intiche music and experience by your self :

Dieser Workshop wird gefördert durch die MABB – Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg.

Das Event ist Teil der Veranstaltungswoche „Fläminger Kreativsause“. Willst Du für kurze Zeit oder über die gesamte Woche im Kreativcamp vor Ort übernachten sowie Verpflegung und das Rahmenprogramm der Kreativsause buchen, dann buche bitte dein Ticket hier:

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